Saturday, February 11, 2012

Another Jail

Kinda funny San Mateo County needs another Jail like a hole in the head.The women's Jail needs to be re done but the Mens it's really almost new in its self.
They have enough room they just want a new Jail so we can become another prison town .thats my thought .They don't even have the money so how are they going to pay for a new Jail that will house up to 50% more people .Just means they will be arresting more thats all.

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Just a few words of thought today!

Today is just another day hopefuly better then yesterday but no more then Tomorrow, only because it hasn;t come yet!

My life is going down the tubes

I am very happy he is getting out in less then 60 days that means only eight more visits to vacaville which in turn is eight more weeks.

Redwood city, California

Welcome to Redwood city california!
The worlds greatest city!